The Power of Friendship

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”

– Shakespeare

Holiday Blues

The Holidays can get pretty tough on some people. Especially, if you inadvertently binge watched a whole bunch of corny, lovey dovey, Christmas Netflix movies. Spare yourself the cringey moments and just don’t do it.

All jokes aside, the Holidays can be a pretty lonesome time and to make matter worse there’s always that one aunt or uncle who’s like, “you still don’t have a boyfriend?”

ME: Things could be worse you know… I could be unemployed and homeless, instead I am just single.

Left and right are folks who are getting engaged, folks are proclaiming their love for each other, and if we’re not careful we could let jealousy creep it’s way into our heart.  Jealousy can make one bitter, and often times, steals away our happiness.

“I really don’t like them. No I don’t!”

Just look at the Grinch. He hated Christmas, I mean really truly he didn’t. He thought he did. He thought Christmas was about things, but in reality it was about sharing with those you love. His heart, initially two sizes too small, was overwhelmed with this realization and he learned to love Christmas.

That being said, a heart two sizes too small could have been a bi-product of jealousy.

“I really don’t like them. No I don’t!” He exclaimed about the Whos. But, he was also dealing with loads of rejection. All he really needed was a little love to have a change of heart.

Love in the form of Friendship

Here’s a secret though – you don’t need a significant other to feel love. We are tricked into believing this because of all of those sappy love movies, but in all honesty the best type of love ofloveten comes from a person who can love you unconditionally.

God provides this unconditional love and sometimes he sends someone to remind us. In my case, he sent me this wonderful, beautiful, and totally unexpected friendship. I was not looking for this to be honest. I was too caught up in the idea of a “special” someone, but God knows my needs and the condition of my heart.

Ever since this friend has come into my life, I now have an accountability partner, someone I can share my plans with, someone I can try new things with, and more importantly someone I can share love with.

The things we take for granted

Don’t take for granted the special people in your life. Perhaps, Mr. Right hasn’t come knocking on your door yet, but I am sure there is plenty of love to go around. God is the source of a constant love.

If at the moment you are going through a season of complete loneliness, no family and friends, things can get tougher. Don’t fret, I unite myself with you in prayer (feel free to reach out too please) and I will ask God to meet this need in your life. A friend is a special thing, because Lord knows we could all use a friend.

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  1. Your blogs are so full of wisdom. I have seen you grow in each one of them. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. I agree. God shows us His unconditional love everywhere we turn. If we focus on Him and what we have instead of what we dont have, we can see his love being transmitted through friendship, family, observing nature, hearing the birdies sing in the morning etc. So lets all open our eyes wide (spiritually) and thank our Father for His grace. Merry chistmas sister!!

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